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Internet Safety Night — April 23, 2008, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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What It Is!

Internet Safety Night is a nationwide event that brings information and resources to students, parents and members of the community to help us all stay safer online. We talk about online predators, cyber-bullying, identity theft and other Internet-related issues. The goal is for communities to pull together local experts and resources — students, parents, teachers, law enforcement and community members — to begin a discussion about the importance of Internet safety. These local discussions, occurring simultaneously all around the country, then connect to the national host site in Columbia, Mo. for the featured speakers and other resources and tools that families can use to stay safe. Participants at any of the local events can see, hear, ask and answer questions in real time with participants at any of the other sites!

Nationwide Host — Columbia, Mo.

Lange Middle School

Keynote Speaker:

James Finch
Assistant Director, Cyber Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Other Speakers Include:

Chris Pickering, Chief Investigator, MO Attorney General's Office
Detective Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes
Lt. Joe Laramie, MO ICAC Task Force
Jeff Valenti, Asst. US Attorney, Western District of Missouri


6:30 — Welcome
6:45 — Featured speaker
7:30 — Break
7:35 — Interactive panel discussion

Remote Sites

Get Involved!

We need you to host a connecting event! It is so easy to participate, and the impact can be so profound. Here’s how you can get involved.

  1. Location:
  2. Select an event location that has either an Internet-connected computer with projector or videoconferencing equipment and can host the number of people you think are likely to attend. E-mail with your location, and we’ll post your location on our events list.

  3. Experts / Resources:
  4. Invite your local experts to attend. This could be teachers; school counselors; a student or parent who has had an experience with online crime; a local Internet service provider representative; a law enforcement agent from your local police department, Internet crimes task force, a regional FBI office, or another resource; or any other people from your area who have some valuable information to share. Speakers should be willing and able to answer questions from students, parents and media and they may want to provide handouts or other helpful take-home items for participants.

  5. Connect:
  6. Decide how you want to connect to the main event. You can either connect online via streaming video using a projector to show the video to your audience, or you can connect via interactive videoconferencing. The videoconferencing is more interactive, but also requires a little more technical know-how to achieve. The MOREnet Video group is available to assist videoconference sites with connecting. Regardless of which connection method you choose, your audience will be able to interact in real time with the Columbia event and the other locations. Participants can ask questions at, and our moderator will pose the questions to panelists in real time.

  7. Promote!
  8. Now that your event is set, invite everyone to come! MOREnet can help by posting your location on our site list and by providing some promotional materials. We have posters, sample press releases, public service announcements and live interview FAQs on our website for you to use! And if you need something else, we are here to help.

Download Materials

Editable Press Release (Word file; 27 KB)

Editable Poster (Word file; 421 KB)

Security Awareness Tips 1 (PDF file; 109 KB)

Security Awareness Tips 2 (PDF file; 119 KB)

Online Resources Handout (PDF file; 109 KB)

Print Resources Handout (PDF file; 136 KB)

Security Jargon (PDF file; 80 KB)

Weekly Security Awareness Tips (PDF file; 105 KB)

Online Shopping Tips (PDF file; 64 KB)

Home Network/PC Security Tips (PDF file; 58 KB)

Wireless Security (PDF file; 70 KB)

Kids Table Tent (PDF file; 178 KB)

Security Table Tent (PDF file; 197 KB)

Incident Response Tools (PDF file; 92 KB)

A Guide to Developing a Security Policy (PDF file; 75 KB)

Security Policy Resources (PDF file; 95 KB)

Internet Safety Resources
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